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the world is called:sklee

there are 3 contenents named delor,qwith,and falaster

there are three factions the faction of salamander which holds the dwarfs humans gnomes and halflings. the faction of nature which hold elves half orcs and most creatures of nutral alignment.
and the faction of chaos which holds all the evil creatures that you will find in the game.

each race will end up meeting in the town of rich trades called worthgalaa all becuse of travel from distant lands the need for money of becuse they have been kicked out of there own village or small settlement.

to begin the campaign the setting is the town of worthgalaa and the town is in distrbance with the reccent raid of goblins and orcs and there leader a mean and strong ogre. the king of the town since low on milatary force due to being a tradeing town wants some brave heros to go search for the hideout and eliminate the ogre to further save the town from evil.

Home Page

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